We're An Equestrian Band

So there are Nine of us in total, bringing in a lot of different styles of music! It’s going to be pretty intense!


We’ve got a new venue added to the list! We have our Las Vegas venue booked and are selling tickets over here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/414067

Check out the main site for more info over at: http://musiquestria.com See you all in Vegas!

Tickets on sale for Portland, OR | Hollywood, CA | Las Vegas, NV | Phoenix, AZ | Houston TX | Jacksonville, FL | and Cambridge, MA - http://musiquestria.com/tour/

More coming soon!

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    Well done, lads. We’ll just hang it on a pun about replacing letters.
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    Hot damn Tarby looks great As do all the others But aaaaa Tarby
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    Damn I’m sexy~
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    I totally didn’t catch that the first time. thanks Replaer for pointing that out.
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    Omg seeing all of them in Hollywood on the 11th. So stokeddd :)
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